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About UsaCORAL Community Assessments and Support Services is an Independent Social Work led Assessment and Support Agency which was established in 2007.We work across local authority Children’s Services withinGreater London, in the Home Counties and in someShire Counties. We are distinctive and unique in offeringmulti-disciplinary, innovative and tailor-made service provision,including a highly successful joint project with the West LondonYMCA linked with Ealing Children’s Services which CORAL piloted and continues to manage. The YMCA project has a residential component and CORAL provides the parenting assessments for vulnerable parents, many of whom are care leavers.Our Community-based Multi-Disciplinary Assessments provide purposeful evidence, analysis and in-depth insight into family functioning and issues of risk and safeguarding, it includes the use of such assessment models as the PAMS and DVIP. CORAL offer 24-hour support /safeguarding/ intervention services in working with local authorities to manage risk and support vulnerable children either within their own families, in statutory settings such as foster placements or within wider family/ friend networks.

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